Columbus Container Inc.


Quality Mission Statement

We will make every box to customer specification and deliver it on time.

Vision Statement

We will team with our customers and suppliers to provide extraordinary value that excites everyone.

Guiding Principles

Columbus Container Inc. is committed to its responsibilities towards the customers we serve and suppliers who support us in that capacity. In order to succeed as a world class corrugated packaging company, we have set the following standards and guidelines for activity and performance. Those who understand, accept and support these standards of excellence will learn, contribute and prosper with our team. We will:
  1. Treat everyone like we would like to be treated.
  2. Work safely . . . always.
  3. Faithfully serve our customers . . . without them, we are out of business.
  4. Honor our commitments . . . our word is our bond.
  5. Be responsible stewards of our facilities, equipment and tools.
  6. As individuals and a corporation, vigorously pursue innovation and excellence.
  7. Foster employee development . . . personally and professionally.
  8. Strengthen and invigorate the communities we serve through enduring relationships with customers and suppliers.

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